Eleonora's Falcons in Málaga; Arboleas Bird Group at Las Norias (Almería); Bonelli's Eagles in Rambla Morales (Almería)

Eleonora's Falcons in Coín (Málaga) This news is not brand new but worth publishing and comes from Salva Solis and Teo Todorov (our favourite Bulgarian Spaniard), the photos are Teo's.

On 27 June, an Eleonora's Falcon seen by Salva to the south of Coín, and on 29 June he saw no less than 13 of the same, plus 2 Red-footed Falcons, in the same area. Only 2 falcons were left on 30 June, also in the area Peregrine, Booted and Short-toed Eagles

Arboleas Bird Group at Las Norias (Almería) The group visited the lake on 2 July and Dave & Gilly Elliott-Binns kindly sent the following; the photos are Dave's.

A good, but hot day with 40 species seen. Nice to see Little, Whiskered and Gull-billed Tern. A lot of breeding activity at the heronry. Little and Cattle Egrets, Squacco and Night Herons all present. Little Bittern also seen. Collared Pratincoles and chicks showing nicely at the plastic factory end. Before heading off for lunch we visited Roquetas de Mar to check up on the Red-Knobbed Coot, neck-ringed grandparents, parents and new chicks all doing well.

Bonelli's Eagles in Rambla Morales (Almería) Jorge Garzón told me this evening of 2 immature birds that he and a group from the Naturetrek tour put up there today. Years ago I saw a bird soaring over the horrible plastic greenhouse area near Las Norias. Incidentally, the plastic shows up well on satellite photos from way out there! Ain't man wonderful?

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