19 July, Guadalhorce

I haven't been out at all what with illustrations which don't gel and knees which have little men with Black & Decker inside going hell for leather! And I had been prepared to get out early Sunday morning too. Therefore I was most pleased to receive the following brief report (lightly edited) from Patricia about what she saw Sunday afternoon. She also saw some flamingos, probably, as she remarks, refugees from the mass ringing of the chicks on Saturday. Many thanks, Pat!

First I espied a Dunlin in the laguna grande - then to my surprise I spotted a Whimbrel which seemed to be following a Common Sandpiper. Antonio Miguel arrived and eventually we got to the last hide on the Mota and there there were several Dunlin, Curlew Sandpipers, Redshanks, Common Sandpipers and well as Little Ringed and Kentish Plovers.
Previously in La Grande some Stilts chased off two Redshanks which were simply feeding and not bothering anyone.

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