illegal bird trapping

I think that all of us who live on the coast (and inland also) have seen these persons who trap small passerines, allegedly for having them as singing species, although some definitely do not and many end up in the pot, or rather the frying pan, as the infamous pajaritos fritos. It therefore gives me great pleasure to do a rough translated resumé of and comment upon the following reported actions undertaken by agents of Seprona (the wildlife protection arm of the Guardia Civil) in the region of La Janda (Cádiz).


Seprona has denounced 15 people for the illegal capture of the creatures
Agents of the Guardia Civil belonging to the Service for the Protection of Nature (Seprona) have, in the past few days, carried out activities against the illegal trapping of finches in the region of La Janda and the north-west coast which has permitted the seizure of 195 protected birds and denounced 15 persons for said capture. The actions took place after denouncements by ecologist organisations and as well as members of the public against the 'indiscriminate killing' of these birds in the period when exceptionally the legal capture of song birds is legally allowed, one of the persons denounced being the president of a wildlife society (sic) from Chipiona. This person claims that it was all perfectly legal and the society had the pertinent licence granted by the Junta de Andalucía (and that's another appalling and permissive story!) and that all was in order.

The Guardia Civil announced that indiscriminate and uncontrolled capture of other protected species, as is shown by the fact that 71 of the birds seized had been plucked and prepared for consumption.
Also according to the Guardia Cvil, another fact which corroborates the previous is the use of prohibited hunting methods of protected species wich cause immediate death, such as those known as 'perches or ribs'. These are also widely used elsewhere in Andalucía, Valencia, Malta and throughout the Med.. Amongst the other effects seized were 69 'perches', eight methods of reproducing bird song (type not specified), two mist nets of 30 x 4m (only allowed and sold to accredited ringers), a clap net and an air rifle. Amongst the species seized there were pipits, linnets, goldfinches, sparrows, greenfinches and serins, 124 of these being later released.

So you see, Seprona and the Guardia Civil do take trapping seriously, do check and do follow up reports. The Guardia Civil number is 062 and ask for Seprona to report possible infringements. Watch from a distance, note time and place, do not try to remonstrate personally as you may face violence, take photos with telephoto lenses, car registration numbers in order to back up your denuncia.

Well done, Seprona. But please take care
. Remember that cowards live longer!

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