a reply to Bob

This is hardly a blog but rather a reply to Bob (see comments section of my previous blog) who asks me to say what I really think, even if I buy the gun and he the shells, or vice-versa.

I shall ask for a Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifle for my birthday and a hundred or so rounds of hollow point shells for the long range work. These can stop anything at any range, but just to be on the safe side I shall also ask for a .357 magnum handgun, long barrelled, for closer work. I'll make Dirty Harry look like a beginner. And yes, I can shoot!

I am totally brassed off with the lack of wardening, the inadequate signposting and the total illiteracy and consideration of those who visit, many being either /or photographers or birders themselves who are equally illiterate and who think that signs do not apply to them. The dogs aren't responsible, their owners are and should be held to account. I should point out that there are some few owners who do keep their dogs on a lead all the way round and who are considerate, others are just plain damned arrogant and if one does say something then a mouthful could well be the reply.

Damned big fines of 200€ plus for any transgression after adequate signing is in place wouldn't be a bad start, with the rural agents who have the authority to stop and get details blitzing the place during a month. Four weekends of blitz and the word will get around. It's called education the hard way.

The day of reckoning will draw nigh when I let rip and I shall even give the authorities the right to reply before publishing the same and their replies in both blogs. If anyone has photographs of dogs loose, people loose where they shouldn't be and so on, do let me have them along with details of time and date. Lunatic cyclists who should have a bell (a legal requisite) and who just come upon one at a high rate of knots.

Things can not and must not be allowed to go on like this and unless someone is prepared to say something and others are prepared to stand up and be counted along with me, things will NOT improve. Am I annoyed? Yes, I ******* well am.

PS: Bob will now be counting the little stars and trying to work out what fits!

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