some odds, sods and the Guadalhorce

First, from Dave Elliott-Binns, about an Auntie Beeb radio 4 programme about the British Rarities Commitee (also known as the Ten Rare Men) and an object of vilification, often justified I feel, by some - I am still awaiting a decision on a seabird I saw back in 1966 and what my old friend Bill Bourne says about them is hardly repeatable!!

Second, from Birgit - she has a splendid photo blog at http://www.iberia-natur.com/es/index.html - there has been a case of exhibitionism at the Guadalhorce to which she was the unfortunate witness and I have also heard of robberies from cars left by the ramp. Park either by the school or the church would be my advice. If you are subjected to an exhibitionist, I would dial the police emergency number immediately. Neither would it appear to be advisable to go in on ones own but in company. TAKE CARE!

Also about the Guadalhorce, from Patricia. She had been in there (with company) on 28 May and they discovered that lots of rubbish had been removed, vegetation cut away from in front of the hides and the posts and fencing being renewed. One of the patrolling guards who is a regular commented to her that many of the guards seen since the non renewal of Antonio Miguel's contract had no real interest. They may have a bit more if I can get hold of a photo of the one who sits in the Suzuki reading! Anyone willing to help?

The cleaning of the beach appears to have been an half-hearted affair. Any photos to publish and for future action?

They also saw lots of chicks, one Dunlin, one Redshank and an English chap who insists on walking across the fenced-off part and who, when remonstrated with by Pat, said (more or less rudely) that he'd been going across there for years and intimated that nobody was going to change his habits. A Roller and 3 Purple Herons had been seen during the week. Flamingos have also been seen.

I shall start putting my ideas about the future of the Guadalhorce and so on in to action in about 10 days, so if you want to take part and add your voice, wait for the notification here, on my Spanish blog and in avesforum.

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