comment on warbler at Embalse de Negratín

Readers will perhas remember that there was a photo, not good by Dave'd admission, of a warbler seen at the embalse de Negratín (published 8 September) which he put down as a Whitethroat but which I thought was more probably an immature Subalpine. In the interests that we all may learn, I have translated and publish the following from Jorge Garzón of Granada:

I also believe that it is a Subalpine Warbler. It is impossible to say if it is a juenile or 1st winter female, but the ochraceous-pinkish tinge of the breast and the hint of reddish on the htroat point to that species.
Although it is difficult to see, it appears that the point of the tail feather which can be seen is whitish and in juv. and female Whitethroats never reaches the points, something which this appears to do.

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