FYI : Bird Fairs in Andalucía

This is a very short entry as I am simply giving information and refuse to comment in case I upset somebody (although, like the parrrot, I'm thinking a lot) but there are lots of questions to be answered which I refuse to ask. All I will say is that advertising seems to be have been in very short supply as I only heard about these at second hand.

In the first two weeks of September Andalucía is being blessed with not one but two Bird Fairs as follows :
10-16 September, 3rd Tarifa Bird Fair, Tarifa (site not totally certain). 
Information at : www.feriadelasavesdelestrecho.com

7-9 September, Iberia Bird Fair, Rodalquilar, Nijar, Almería.
Information at : http://sites.google.com/site/iberiabirdfestival 

Critical and constructive feedback after the events will be most welcome if any of you go, as I shall not be going to either, as part of the time I am away at sea, all things being equal.

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Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for spreading information, Andy.

Information about the Iberia Bird Festival have been sent all around the world in both english and spanish languages. Sorry that it did not reach you.

Nothing to be hidden of course, so if you have something to ask, it will be a pleasure to be answered to you by Peter Jones or myself as co-organizers of this local festival. :)

By the way, also running in the same date in Almeria a western film Festival in Tabernas for those loving western films.

Very welcome to Almeria.

It would be nice to meet you here.

Jesus Contreras
Iberia Bird Festival

Anónimo dijo...

I want to comment also that your invitation to visitors to feedback about our event, that also is yours (and other events of course) is very welcome by both of us, Peter and me, as organizers.

It will be very nice to see these comments and wait strongly that all of them are good, because the intention of this festival is good also... designed for children (free activities), science (free entrance to the lectures) and local development (accomodations, lunch, beers.. :) ). Of course, the most welcome comments will be always those talking about things that we can do wrong, because these ones will help us strongly to grow and to do it better for our second edition of the Iberia Bird Festival in Sept 2013.

Also I want to say that it has been very difficult developing this idea, with absolutely no money at the beggining, assuming Peter and me to put our own money if it was needed... only two persons full passioned with our land, with birds and with the enviro. Now, with a lot of hours of work in our back, we feel happy to see how muh help and how many collaborators we have reached, also as new friends.

Very welcome, Andy.. to Almeria and to the Iberia Bird Festival for you and for all those coming.

Jesus Contreras
Iberia Bird Festival

Almeria, 7-9th September 2012

Telf. +34 626260641