Bird Fairs - Tarifa, Almería, Rutland and book advertising

First, in the blog where I posted basic details of the two almost conflicting bird fairs - Tarifa and Almería - in the first half of September and asked for comments was not done with any ill-intentions. Indeed, if you go back to the comments on that particular blog you will find one supportive comment. I shall comment that I still know nothing official about the siting of the Tarifa Bird Fair, which is leaving it late by my standards, and it seems ill-advised to have it run for a week. The organisers of both should note that I will not be attending either of them as I hope I shall be away on the ocean blue to the north of Lanzarote.
I shall be in the UK this time next week and on the Friday morning, 17 August, with be talking about pelagic seabirds at the Rutland Bird Fair, lecture marquee 1 at 10.00 and later in the morning and signing copies of the book at the Wildsounds stand in marquee 3.
The photo on the right, courtesy of Dominic Mitchell, editor of the birding magazine Birdwatch, shows the treatment they gave the review copy by putting in the sink in the office and running water on it to test its impermeability.

If you happen to be there and are feeling brave, do drop by and say hello, but don't buy the book unless you intend to go to sea and do your own chumming!

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