4-6 October: International Bird Day(s) events in Málaga

International Bird Day : 4, 5, and 6 October

These events are organised by SEO-Málaga. Obviously, the talks will be in Spanish but will be of some interest and it will enable those who are interested to make contact with Spanish birders. Sunday morning, when there will be ringing in progress, will probably interest many. I have given a brief summary in English of the page contents above each page shown below.
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Hotel Vinnci, where the talks will take place, can be found by checking how to get there from where one lives on  Google Earth or Michelin maps or similar.

Friday, 4 October: Hotel Vinnci at 19.00; talk on the status of Dupont's Lark in Andalucía, followed by a photographic projection of a trip to Patagonia.

Saturday, 5 October (continues on pages 2 and 3 with maps). Birds in Málaga city, a walk which takes in various areas such as the Alcazaba; also seawatching (see page 3)

Morning, seawatching from el Faro de Calaburras and el Peñón del Cuervo (maps below) and at 19.00, at the Hotel Vincci, a talk and photos of birds of Fuerteventura

Sunday, 6 October: Guadalhorce, from 09.00 to 13.00. Note that it is possible to park near and enter by crossing the sandbar at the mouth of the river (unless there's a lot of rain on Saturday). Do NOT, under any circumstances, park near the curve, but at the church or in fron of the school. Break-ins are still taking place.The programme is below and below that a map of routes of entry and tracks to follow. I shall be there from around 09.00 onwards subtly disguised as a migrant Quebrantahuesos until I get bored or the knees self-destruct, 

Do come along, watch, see something (if you're lucky), learn a bit (if you're really lucky), meet real Spanish birders (there are some really good ones), many of whom will struggle with their English whilst you struggle with your Spanish. A field guide and binocs. are useful.

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