28 May : Cabo de Gata & Rambla Morales

I have been asked if I am alright as I'm not getting out too much. The answer is that I am but I have an awful lot of work on hand (all bird related) and would you all, especially you, Dave, please note that there will be no blog available at all from 1 July through to at least 21 July (probably later), as I am having cataract ops. which means I want to get as much work done as is possible before then, plus I shall be away in the UK from around 11-28 August. So, that said, now to Dave and the Arboleas Group's report.
With regard to Dave's comment about the late warblers, I think that he probably correct, but what is more interesting is the 2 Willow Warblers - now that is late after a spring when I have seen very few! I trust that Gilly's kneecap remains where it should be!
As Gilly and I left Arboleas this morning heading south to Cabo de Gata the skies were grey & threatening rain. We had a few drops on the way down but nothing serious. The weather didn't disturb the Little Owl atop a telegraph pole as we entered Pujaire where we met up with 10 other members. After being suitably refreshed with coffee we headed to the first hide. There were numerous Greater Flamingos (Gilly later counted 527 from the 2nd hide) and Avocet. There were three Black Tailed Godwit in breeding plumage, Slender Billed Gulls, Black Winged Stilt, Kentish & Little Ringed Plover. The Mallards all looked disheveled, being in eclipse. Common Swifts were seen as were Yellow Wagtails, a Southern Grey Shrike and a Thekla Lark.

We made our way to the second hide. We were serenaded, no, shouted at, by a male Sardinian Warbler. A pair of Willow Warblers flitted around in the shrubs. A Little Egret was also spotted. Little Terns were either fishing or resting on the weed rafts. A seawatch back at the beach only produced a steady stream of Yellow-legged Gulls heading towards the lighthouse.

The birding from the public hide wasn't much better. I think we only added Ringed Plover and Cormorant to the list. Gilly, who was recovering from a partially displaced kneecap, an injury from Rock 'n' Roll dancing on Monday, hung around near the vehicles. She was rewarded with good views of Melodious Warbler
As we came out of the hide a Bonelli's Warbler was on the chainlink fence. Were these last two late arrivals or early leavers as they were both not where they were supposed to be? On the causeway Gull-billed and Sandwich Terns were seen.

We stopped at Cabo de Gata village for a coffee by the beach before driving along the track towards the Rambla Morales. Colin, Sandra and Linda wandered over towards the beach end and were rewarded with views of White-headed Duck with ducklings, but unfortunately they missed the bird of the day....a flypast by a Caspian Tern! Reed Warblers were heard but not seen. Zitting Cisticolas flew noisily overhead. I identified a Short-toed Lark. Also seen were Coot, Moorhen, Little and Black-necked Grebe.

That ended a very good days birding considering we're nearly in June. 42 species
Another bit of news from Adrian's Patch....He has Eagle Owls (R) breeding in his rambla, lucky so n so!!

Good birding everyone. Photos by Gilly, Dave and Adrian

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