04 December: Fuente de Piedra

Although I had heard very negative reports, I had just finished some illustrations and maps for Chris Feare's forthcoming book on Sooty Terns, the result of 40 years of studies on the Seychelles and surrounding groups. I have had the privilege of proof reading the text and the whole book is a fascinating read, ranging from the scientific work and working and the logistics of getting to some of the more remote islands. It also deals with invasive species and there is quite a bit on changes over the four decades. It won't be out until next year and in the next day or so I shall be putting out a blog on possible books for Christmas presents for birders.
So, we met at Fuente so that I could hand over the maps and illustrations. The lake has little water, it's impossible to imagine any drier at the flashes on the left and right at the entry - well, there should be flashes if it rains but we're going to need an awful lot! 
As to birds, not a lot! In fact, very little. Around 200 Flamingos but no Lessers. Lots of finches buzzing around and some Skylarks, but not even a Southern Grey Shrike. As for raptors, one immature male Marsh Harrier, a male Kestrel and a single Common Buzzard. Jolly exciting stuff.
The best was the sighting and hearing of Cranes, something which always stirs the soul (yes, I do have one hidden somewhere). We found some 200+ Cranes when looking down from the observation post at La Lata, at the western end of the lake. It was a drop dead gorgeous morning and that compensated for the lack of birds.
Elsewhere in Andalucía, there have been reports of numerous Siskins and above normal numbers of Bramblings, the first Redwings and also a few Goldcrests. Two Yellow-browed Warblers are still hanging on in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) area. Big raptors are showing well on La Janda.

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