For those who don't know, after eleven years of battling by groups, local and international such as Greenpeace, the Spanish supreme court has ruled that the monstrosity of the El Algorrobico hotel on the eastern Almería coast must be demolished. Este correo es seguro. Puedes activar la visualización de imágenes de tu correo electrónico.
This architectural abortion was constructed nearly 20 years ago within the virgin coastal area of the eastern Almería park area to the north of Cabo de Gataafter being given legally doubtful planning permission. Even the Junta de Andalucía, which should have known a hell of a lot better, was against its demolition, although I and many others could never understand their support for its maintenance. Given the recent and continuing corruption scandals within Spain, and which have gravely touched some members of the Popular Party at a national level, some regional administrations, notably Madrid and Valencia, and with Andalucía not untouched, one must be left wondering.
The site can never be returned to exactly the same as before but is at least a blow for the environment and common sense. A small plus is that according to Greenpeace some 98% of the materials are reciclable and its demolition will provide some 400 jobs locally.

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