TWO ADS: SEO-Málaga talk ; Doñana Bird Fair

Not often do I do this but in view of the fact that some of the contents will be of interest, although all the talking part will be in Spanish, first below there is the ad. for a talk on pelagic seabirds - Aves Marinas Pelágicas -. that I am giving for SEO-Málaga on 11 April. However, I am putting the names of the birds in English and Spanish at the bottom of each power point photo to make life easier for all. The same talk, in a shortened versión, will also be given at the Doñana Bird Fair, more precisely on the Friday  at 13.00h..

Second, there is now a web page devoted to the SEO Doñana Bird Fair on 1-4 May at Dehesa de Abajo. This page may be reached and read in English (click on Union flag) at www.donanabirdfair.es

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