'Birding the Costa' is a blog spot for English speaking birders anywhere in Andalucía whose Spanish is not up to scratch. It is not just about rarities, although details will be posted of these. You are welcome to send in reports to me for publication for the benefit of others, but please be brief, select the essential and most interesting, and give site, name of nearest town or village and province and date(s) of observation. All published reports will be attributed, so please give your name also. Photos may be sent for publication and will be acknowledged. Attributed reports (translated) from Spanish webs will also be given.

Information about the sites of rare breeding species will not be published.

I'm a sort of Brit., although I've lived about half my life out of the UK, and have lived here on the coast for nearly 30 years and been birding for going on for 60.

The vast majority of my birding revolves around my garden area in Torremolinos (c.108 spp. last time I counted), my local spot at the ponds at the mouth of the Río Guadalhorce which I visit two or three times a week and less frequently the areas of the lake at Fuente de Piedra and the Tarifa-La Janda area.

I am NOT a twitcher and my main interest lies with seabirds, followed by waders. Little brown jobs, known by the French as les petites merdes, a sentiment with which I fully agree, do not rank high amongst my birding interests.


Virtually all sites mentioned in this blog will be found in the 3rd edition of Where to watch birds in southern and western Spain by Ernest García and myself and published by Helm (London).

Sites in the Doñana area can be found in the excellent Where to watch birds in Doñana by Paco Chiclana and Jorge Garzón, published by Lynx.

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