DAVE E-B & some birds

I am delighted to be able to report that Dave has been allowed out of hospital today and is home where he says that he is going to 'enjoy' a regime of diet and exercise, even though he says that he looks like a monster with red eyes after the defibrillation. So if you see him, don't scream and run.

Welcome back to real world, Dave, and remember, it's not Gilly's fault that you're on a diet! Stick at it, sunshine, we want you around for a long time yet!

Here in Torremolinos, Swallows passing this afternoon and this morning whilst I was looking out, a Hoopoe literally fell out of the sky and into the one pine we have left and sat looking totally banjaxed for a good half hour, it must have crossed the long way! Mick Richardson was down at the ponds on Tuesday and had a very early Tawny Pipit, he has just informed me.

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