medical bulletin: Dave Elliott-Binns - birds & weather

Gilly has been in touch with me a couple of times. As I know many if you who have read his reports from Almería with a mixture of pleasure and envy and I have had enquiries as to how he is progressing, this is the news as of today (23 February) from Gilly.

He has had two stents put in and but the covering ripped an artery as the catheter was being extracted (not at all unknown according to my son, who is an intensive care unit nurse) but because he is on blood thinners it's taking time to heal. Gilly says he is wanting to get home, which I always look upon as a good sign!!

Birds & weather
Today in Torremolinos we had sunshine at last with no rain at all - just about the first time this year and it was warm too!

This afternoon I had a call from Bob Hibbett down near Los Barrios (roughly inland from Algeciras if you aren't sure of your geography) to say there was a big inward movement of White Storks and Black Kites, plus more than a few hirundines moving through. Most of the action is further west and up in Seville province they are logging a lot more than us further east, the birds turn east later it seems, and the first Woodchat Shrike and Sedge Warbler have been seen there.

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