These warnings are genuine and should not be ignored.

1. Guadalhorce Do NOT park your car up on the top by the bridge and even on the road by the ramp as I have heard of at least three vehicles which have been broken in to. Park either in front of the church or by the school, as these offer slightly greater security.

2. Fuente de Piedra The warning has just gone on the Spanish avesforum site out that cars left in the car park by the information centre have been broken into in the past few days. Things should ever be left in view of the light-fingered little gits which abound. This warning aso includes the observation area at Cantarranas.

3. Doñana Since witing the above, I have also been advised that such robberies are not unknown in the Doñana area.

4. Las Norias It also comes to mind that Dave Elliott-Binns had his vehicle broken into at Las Norias a year or so since and a camera nicked.

If you do suffer such an aggression, even if it is nothing more than the inconvenience of a broken window and no material loss, do take the trouble to denounce it to the Guardia Civil or local police. It has also been suggested that given that many of us have telescopes and telephoto lenses, that we photograph from a distance anyone seen around our vehicles and make these available to the authorities.

It has been suggested by several members of SEO-Málaga that birders, who are often prone to have bird group stickers on their vehicles (I have myself), are advertising that they may have valuable materials in the vehicle. It may well be a good idea to remove such stickers, as I shall be doing myself tomorrow.

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