some good news

This is not good news about birds or birding, it's not even about the Costa (although it does have applications down here as I shall later explain) but there is good news tonight (can you tell me who said that and when?) and copy and paste the attached link (it's loooong).

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Otters-Fight-Back-From-The-Brink- Of-Extinction-To-Make-A-Comeback-Across-English-Rivers/Article/201010315760408?lpos=UK_News_Second_UK_News_Article_Teaser_Region_5&lid=ARTICLE_15760408_Otters_Fight_Back_From_The_Brink_Of_Extinction_To_Make_A_Comeback_Across_English_Rivers

I saw my first otters up in North Yorkshire, a pair of them, early one summer's morning many moons since, although I knew about the protagonist one from a book (which?) where it says that '...there is nothing, simply nothing, like messing about in boats'. They feature too, of course, in that rather nice book 'Ring of Bright Water' (who wrote that?).

I have seen them on La Janda by the canal some years since and they are in the Guadalhorce at least, including within the reserve. Indeed, one was seen only a month since. They are to be found in the río Genil and there must be plenty of other spots. But quite simply, they are super mammals, intelligent, playful and a joy to watch if one is lucky enough to see one. I make no excuses for sharing the news with you.

And if you wish to exercise the little grey cells, work out the answers and write them in invsible ink on non-returnable 100€ bills.

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